Non-Fish Pets for Aquarium – Complementary Care Guide

Not only fish but nowadays aquarists like keeping non-fish pets in their aquarium because they want to bring variety in their tank. Some keep those pets as they are tank cleaner and some want to set their aquarium in a new way.

Now, it is a good idea to bring variety in your aquatic world but the care guide of your pet fish and non-fish pet is not the same. Every species has different way of living, appearance, size, color, and temperament. Let us discuss such aquatic species:


1.Rede-Eared Slider Turtle

Are you surprised of the name turtle? Nowadays, most of the fishkeepers also love petting small, cute and adorable turtles in their tank that are peaceful and don’t harm other creatures.

Red-Eared Slider Turtle is tall and its ears are red in color which makes them cuter and lovable. Although, it is not hard to take care of this species you need vigilant maintenance for the fish tank. You need to change the water of the tank every week and the lighting of the tank should be high because turtles like high lighting.


It is not a fish; it is a crustacean that helps in keeping an aquarium clean and fresh by eating the algae and dirt of the tank. A 10-20 gallons aquarium is enough for Crayfish. If you buy a large aquarium then you can keep 5-6 Crayfish together in the tank.

3.Fire Bellied Toad

The bright-red shade on the belly portion of this amphibian is the reason that its name is Fire Bellied Toad. The upper portion of the body of this fish is green in color. Frogs are amphibians, so both land and water area are needed to keep the frogs. Moreover, this toad secretes poisonous toxins from its skin, so you need to clean the tank and change the water every week.

4.Red-Clawed Crab

Many aquarists want to appeal the looks of their aquarium, which is the reason for keeping crabs in their tank. Red-Clawed Crabs have bold persona and aggressive temperament, so be aware while choosing tankmates for them. It is better to keep them, in saltwater tank because they cannot live long in a freshwater aquarium. Also, keep a tight lid on the top of the aquarium because these feisty critters have a habit of jumping out of the tank.

5.Ghost Shrimp

Don’t get astonished because many fishkeepers keep shrimps in their freshwater tank to remove the algae from the tank, as shrimps are algae eaters. If you are planning to pet Ghost Shrimp then don’t keep fish with them because fish breeds can eat up the shrimps.

Careguide 1


Apple Snails, Rabbit Snails, Mystery Snails, and Nerite Snails are some of the attractive snails that are often kept by fishkeepers in their tank. Usually, these critters are easy to breed and its tank requires 10-25% water replacement every 2-4 weeks. Snails can jump high, so keep tight lid on the tank of the aquarium.

Bottom Line

Now enjoy breeding the uncommon critters or no-fish pet in your fish tank along with the fish breeds, but learn their care guide before keeping them in your aquatic family.


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