All about Treating Fin Rot Disease in Your Aquarium Fish

Fin rot is a common bacterial disease among the freshwater fish, and in most of the cases, the beautiful and transparent finned fish are detected with fin rot. It is sometimes called tail rot, too, where the ordinary round tail or long flowing tail of the fish gets affected. This disease indeed changes the look of your majestic fish, but it is also true that it is not an incurable disease. Before knowing the methods of curing, you will need to know its symptoms. Take a look:

                                    Treating fin rot disease

Symptoms of the Disease

The primary sign of this disease is the discoloration of the fins towards the edges. This change in color is very negligible and often overlooked at the beginning.

As the disease spread, the tails get discolored too, and sometimes, parts of the fin may fall off. Fin will be short in length, and you can see bloody red patches around the fins.

Causes of the Disease

Fin rot is caused by numerous bacteria, Aeromonas and Vibrio, to name a few. But such harmful bacteria grow in unpleasant water. Maybe the temperature was below the requirements of the fish, or the pH or hardness differed.

Overfeeding can be a cause as well. Aggressive fish may nip the fins, which can cause fin rot. Overstocking can make the fish stressed, and this can cause fin rot too.

Curing Fin Rot

Right after the detection of redness in the fins, you need to test the water and improve its quality slowly. You can provide antibiotics too. You will need to clean the tank and make a partial water change along with that. Alternatively, you can adjust the temperature and pH in water to cure the fish. Along with that, reducing chlorine and nitrate will also help here.

In most of the cases, fin rot disappears right after adjusting the water. Sea salt can be helpful only if the inhabitants are livebearers; however, others are very sensitive to sea salt.

According to the experts, detection of the cause of fin rot is mandatory for treatment. Remember that the antibiotics will not work if the water is unhealthy.

Maybe dirt is the reason, so you will have to vacuum the gravels and aquarium wall. Maybe the reason is improper water – you will not get satisfactory results only by providing medications until you adjust the water parameter.

You will need to consult the experts if you feel difficulties in detecting the cause. Also, at the time of applying medications, experts’ advice will be required. It will prevent this disease from coming back.

Many aquarists tend to stop the treatment once the fish recover, but it can be fatal. You have to continue the medications as per the instructions of the expert.

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Preventing Its Reoccurrence

Proper maintenance of the aquarium is the primary requirement to prevent the reoccurrence of fin rot disease. For this, you will need weekly water testing and tank cleaning. Most importantly, avoiding overfeeding will prevent this disease.

It may be difficult for you to understand the quantity of food that your fish can consume in 5 minutes at the start. So you may feed in a very low quantity. Avoid stocking so many aggressive fish in the tank to reduce the chances of a fight and prevent fin rot.

Fin rot at the initial stages can be cured very easily, but if it is kept untreated, the fish will die. Well, that is not the end – this fish will infect all the fish in your tank. So, you have to be an extremely good observer so that you can detect this disease at an

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